Friday, February 21, 2020

Math's this week

On Monday in math this week we did an emoji graph saying which emojis are cute, not cute, to use and to now use. For this we got into small groups, of 3 to 4 and we were given a piece of paper with a small chart. we then had to say what they are and we went over it as a class

Home Economics

So today we made a potato salad. So we were told to make a blog post saying what hygiene steps we took before during and after the practical. So before i washed my hand wiped down my working bench and then washed all the vegetables. During we used different knifes and cutting bored to stop cross contamination and after we washed all of our dishes and wiped down our bench again.

Our food had the texture of a potato salad. and the colour was mostly white with mustard in it.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Self Directed Learner

This is a self directed learner matrix we were asked to complete. all of the green box's are things i can do well and the yellow boxes are things i need to work on. So i am going to work on the goal of "Know what work i need to complete and set goals based on it.

  • I am going to Learn fully what i am doing so i understand it perfectly
  • I am going to start by making a main goal
  • Build off of that main goal

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Today in social studies we were learning about spiritual songs. To me spirituals are something mostly slaves sung as an upbringing / lifting their spirits. them songs gave them hope and gave them something to look forward to. This helped slaves very much due to many people managing to escape.

Link to one of the songs

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


So today in p.e we practiced shotput and long jump.

In shotput today we learnt how to do a basic move up. so we stood at the top of the circle and then we took to small steps back. After that we then stood with our dominant leg at the back depending on what our strong foot is. then we did a tittle skip up take two steps in the stance you were standing in and then we push the shot put forwards while twisting to face forwards.

For long jump at the start we took 21 steps back from the pit then we stood in a line. run up to the pit, jumped and went as far as we can and then land two feet.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Introducing me

Slave Trade Triangle

This is the slave trade triangle. So what the slave trade triangle is. is the people take goods (guns, tobacco, cotton) trade them for slaves. then they would go to the Caribbean do the same and then go to america, and auction them off and do it all over again.