Friday, February 26, 2021

Reflection, 26th February

  Text Title:  Cinder

Text Type: Book text

Text creator: Marissa Meyer 

Text Purpose: Novel

Date: Friday, February 26th

What Genre does this book belong to? 

This book belongs to the novel section and is also a fictional story. I know this because in the story the main character is a cyborg with a metal hand and a metal foot. this character also has many brain features like being able to detect lies, download things straight to her brain which is rather fascinating to thing about. The main character has a companion named Iko which is a little android robot that can go retrieve, or take stuff away at request. From my knowledge i don't think anyone has any technology that is capable of doing activities like that all from voice activation whilst the robot being able to have proper conversations by free will. All of this seem very futuristic which makes it a fictional book.  

What is the text about? How do we know? 

From what we have read, the story is about a teenage cyborg girl who is the best android mechanic is the whole area but she has no interest in letting other people know she is only half human. This story's setting is very futuristic as there are android companions being there to help out. From what we have seen the people that live in the same town as this cyborg lady don't want their kids to go anywhere near her. In the end of the first chapter, its all about a kid who has "the plague" We have currently not found out what this plague is but Cinder (the main character) shut the door to her mechanic shop and sat quietly on the concrete floor not wanting to be heard so from this it suggests that the "Plague" is a scary terrible thing. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

WTE Sentences

 Simple Sentence:    Mr Heath is my favorite teacher 

The very short sentence:      Football is fun

The Power sentence:     Barcelona's comeback is something that will never be forgotten

 Red, White and blue:   Precision, Power and Confidence is what u need to have a good shot

Adverb Start:     Quickly, they dashed out of the store with the watermelon. 

Begin with a preposition:    In 2019, I brought my first proper scooter

The -ING Start:  Analyzing the ongoing play, he saw what he had to do to make a break through the back line

The -ED Start:     Thrilled to make the starting 11, the nerves were still starting to set in.

The Semi-Colon:   Pandas are very adorable creatures; its a shame their endangerment is getting worse 

The EM-Dash:   Frozen cokes - Very affordable - Perfect for hot days

The W-Sentence start:     When i get home, i'm going to go to the skate park

Explore the Subject:   Raymond Warner, who is known in the scooter community, has recently just brought Scooter Zone

Friday, February 12, 2021

Reflection 12th February

 Text Title:  Waitangi - What really happened

Text Type: Video

Text creator: Gavin Strawhan 

Text Purpose: Inform about treaty of Waitangi

Date: Friday, February 12th

What does the author of this text want us to know?

The author of this text is giving us an informative video series about the signing of the treaty of Waitangi and it gives us a detailed (not 100% accurate) but good view of what things were like and what would have been happening during this hard time period. The videos are in 7 parts and they are all segmented off into parts where there is a main problem in each of them. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Health Steroids In Sports

 This is my presentation on steroids in sports.    Link to Piktochart



Friday, October 30, 2020


 Today i focused on learning front handsprings and round offs on the mini tramp and also doing qa front drop to a 360 spin to another front drop

Three main points were:

- Pushing off with my hands on the mat so i can complete the rotation

- adding a 180 to the front hand spring to complete the round off

And learning how to roll over in a 360 motion on the big tramp after doing a front drop.